Don Li-Leger Biography
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Don Li-Leger's Bio

Don Li-LegerDon Li-Leger's paintings reveal his intimate knowledge and deep sensitivity to the world of nature.

Born and raised in British Columbia, Li-Leger began painting as a boy, his initial focus on the abundant birds and animals of his native province.

Having experienced a rich and varied life, Li-Leger traveled around the world in 1971 before he began his formal education. Later on, he made extensive field trips to the Orient and to wildlife sanctuaries throughout North America, thereby extending his vision and the scope of his subject matter.

Regarding one series of orient-inspired paintings, he commented, “The paintings in this series grew out of my intensive involvement with monoprints, where I improvised and combined various imagery with broad areas of rolled-on saturated colour. Here, I have returned to painting in my desire to integrate the spontaneity and liveliness of oriental brushwork that has long inspired and influenced me. Using Chinese as well as Western bristle brushes, I apply acrylic paint and gels on canvas, often layering transparent color to achieve desired affects. As with much of my work, nature remains an underlying theme. The calligraphy is taken from ancient Japanese and Chinese poems, and reflects my interest and studies in Asian painting, travels and spirituality.”

Li-Leger’s formal training includes studies at the Vancouver School of Art and the Banff Centre School of Fine Art, and studies in plant ecology at Simon Fraser University.

His work has been featured in exhibitions throughout North America, including the prestigious Leigh-Yawkey Woodson traveling exhibit, and is represented in many private collections. Li-Leger's original works may be seen at the Petley-Jones Gallery in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Li-Leger works from the Crescent Heights studio/home, which he shares with his wife, Cora, who is also an artist, and their two young children.

Among the Don Li-Leger works revered by collectors are Spring Chorus, Summer Bloom, Dancing in the Wind, Hollyhock Garden, Terrazzo Garden, Poet's Cause, Bamboo Division, Terra Cotta Garden, Elegance I, Sanctuary, Pompeii Patterns, Oriental Blossoms II, Iris Nine Patch II, Poppy Nine Patch, Blossom Tapestry II, Elegance II, Garden Gateway, Oasis, Oriental Blossoms III, Iris Sunrise & Blossom Tapestry I.

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