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1. The Philosophy of Andy Warhol : (From A to B...)
2. Andy Warhol's Colors ~ Andy Warhol
3. Andy Warhol Prints: A Catalogue Raisonné 1962-1987
4. POPism: The Warhol Sixties ~ Andy Warhol
5. Andy Warhol, Prince of Pop ~ Jan Greenberg
6. Andy Warhol (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists)
7. Andy Warhol 365 Takes: The Andy Warhol Museum Collection
8. Pop: The Genius of Andy Warhol ~ Tony Scherman
9. Andy Warhol Portraits ~ Andy Warhol
10. The Autobiography and Sex Life of Andy Warhol
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Andy Warhol Bio
Andy Warhol


Andrew Warhola (August 6, 1928 – February 22, 1987), better known as Andy Warhol, was an American artist who was a central figure in the movement known as Pop art. After a successful career as a commercial illustrator, Warhol became famous worldwide for his work as a painter, an avant-garde filmmaker, a record producer, an author, and a public figure known for his presence in wildly diverse social circles that included bohemian street people, distinguished intellectuals, Hollywood celebrities and wealthy aristocrats. A controversial figure during his lifetime (his work was often derided by critics as a hoax or "put-on"), Warhol has been the subject of numerous retrospective exhibitions, books and documentary films since his death in 1987. He is generally acknowledged as one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century.¹

"Don't pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches."

After Marilyn Monroe’s death, Pop Art founder Andy Warhol spent four months making silkscreens based on a publicity still of Monroe from her film, “Niagara.” Fusing art with mass production, Warhol created brilliantly colored multiples of her image. Fascinated by morbid subjects and celebrity, he symbolized Monroe’s mortality, and her media saturation through brash, assembly-line reproductions of her face.

Sunset, c.1972 40/40 (pink)

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12 in. x 12 in.


Shot Blue Marilyn, 1964
11 in. x 14 in.


Flowers, c.1970 (1 Purple, c.1 Yellow, 2 Pink)
11 in. x 14 in.

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Recommended books on Andy Warhol: The Philosophy of Andy Warhol : (From A to B and Back Again) by Andy Warhol; Andy Warhol 365 Takes: The Andy Warhol Museum Collection by Staff of Andy Warhol Museum; Andy Warhol: Giant Size by Editors of Phaidon Press, Steven Bluttal, and Dave Hickey; The Andy Warhol Diaries by Andy Warhol and Pat Hackett; Andy Warhol Prints: A Catalogue Raisonné 1962-1987 by Arthur Danto, Donna De Salvo, Andy Warhol, and Claudia Defendi; Andy Warhol Portraits by Tony Shafrazi, Carter Ratcliffe, and Robert Rosenblum; Andy Warhol Idea Book by The Andy Warhol Museum.

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