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Evening Lounge

A powerful landscape and figurative painter, Canadian Artist Brent Lynch pursues the abstract quality of mood, light, color and composition. The mystery and energy of a landscape or the human form are hallmarks of his work.

For over 25 years, Brent has enjoyed an influential and award-winning career in the arts. He was best known for his unique illustrations for event posters representing performance arts such as ballet, opera and theater as well as sporting events including the Olympic Games.

Brent is a natural visual story teller. It is through his unique perspective that his personal handwriting shines. He is a highly respected painter and instructor that has received many international awards. His work is represented by galleries found in private and corporate collections both nationally and abroad.

Artist Brent Lynch’s passionate imagery and fearless originality create the fascinating mystery woman in “Evening Lounge.” A powerful figurative and landscape artist, Lynch defies convention with bold strokes of deep reds, blacks and grays cast in shadows and light. His vivid technique weaves a smoldering storyline around his subject. Pairs intriguingly with its sister painting, “Cigar Bar.”

Coastal Ride

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Evening Lounge


New York State of Mind

Coastal Drive
Coastal Drive


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These are among Brent Lynch's best known paintings: Evening Lounge, Cigar Bar, Port of Call, Coastal Ride, Pier 56, Place Your Bet, Coastal Drive, Winning Hand, After Glow, New York State of Mind, Aperitif Vignette, Under the Stars, Garnet Diva, Pensive New York, Shimmering Moment, Fifth Avenue Cafe I, Cocktail Vignette, Fifth Avenue Cafe II, Twilight Romance, Pearlescent Diva and Evening Rendezvous. (

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