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Vintage Paperback Book Covers Posters and Prints at Ace's Web World - Many of those once offered have been discontinued, but I'm trying to find more.

To read about vintage paperback artists like Tom Adams, Rudolph Belarski, Earle Bergey, Robert Bonfils, Samuel Cherry, Rafael De Soto, Frank Frazetta, George Gross, Reginald Heade, Ray Johnson Paperbacks, Jeff Jones, Robert Maguire, Lou Marchetti, Robert McGinnis, Rudy Nappi, Paul Rader, Norman Saunders, Robert Stanley and Jim Steranko, and to view examples of their work click here.

Looking for a good crime novel? You'll enjoy the new Hard Case Crime Series which includes, among others, The Colorado Kid by Stephen King, Fade To Blonde by Max Phillips, Grifter's Game by Lawrence Block, and Kiss Her Goodbye by Allan Guthrie.

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