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Claude Monet, also known as Oscar-Claude Monet or Claude Oscar Monet (November 14, 1840 – December 5, 1926) was a founder of French impressionist painting, and the most consistent and prolific practitioner of the movement's philosophy of expressing one's perceptions before nature, especially as applied to plein-air landscape painting. The term Impressionism is derived from the title of his painting Impression, Sunrise.

Monet was born on November 14, 1840 on the fifth floor of 45 rue Laffitte, in the ninth arrondissement of Paris. He was the second son of Claude-Adolphe and Louise-Justine Aubrée Monet, both of them second generation Parisians. On May 20, 1841, he was baptized in the local parish church, Notre Dame de Lorette, as Oscar Claude. In 1845, his family moved to Le Havre in Normandy.¹

"It's on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way. So we must dig and delve unceasingly."

The Artist's Garden at Giverny by Claude Monet

A founder of Impressionism, French artist Claude Monet strongly influenced landscape painters with his portrayals of the effects of atmosphere, time and season upon light and color. His groundbreaking work digressed from established techniques of depicting the natural world. Specifically creating a garden at his Giverny home for the purpose of painting it, “Artist’s Garden at Giverny, 1900” is an ethereal interplay of hue and daylight.

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Claude Monet: Sunshine and Waterlilies: Sunshine and Waterlilies (Smart About Art); Claude Monet - 1840-1926: a Feast for the Eyes; The Unknown Monet: Pastels and Drawings (Clark Art Institute); Monet's Garden: Through the Seasons at Giverny, Harry N. Abrams; Claude Monet - 1840-1926: a Feast for the Eyes by Karin Sagner; Claude Monet: Life and Art by Paul Hayes Tucker; Claude Monet: The Magician of Colour (Adventures in Art); Monet: Impressions of Light (Great Masters); Claude Monet, 1840-1926, Taschen; Monet Art Institute of Chicago (Artists in Focus), Harry N. Abrams; Monet in the 20th Century, Yale University Press.

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