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Red Hot Chili Peppers Biography
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Red Hot Chili Peppers

Proving themselves hotter than ever, The Red Hot Chile Peppers' latest album, Stadium Arcadium, released on May 9, 2006 sold a half-million copies in its first week, thereby becoming the Funk-rock megagroup's first-ever Number One debut. The band went on to win 5 Grammys at the 2007 award ceremonies. More than 20 years after it's inception, RHCP is still producing music that is fresh, exciting and relevant.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Bio Facts

Some Chili Peppers Quotes:

"I think you're definitely going to get a sense that something new keeps happening. It's important for us not to try to recreate, or even think about, what we've done before when we're making new music." ~ Anthony Kiedis

"You know, we love punk rock so much, and we did catch the tail end of the very potent wave of punk rock in Hollywood, in Los Angeles. We were little sponges on the streets of Hollywood, kind of soaking up this aesthetic and this music and this energy and attitude." ~ Anthony Kiedis

"...we don't have any limits or rules for ourselves about what music is or what we can play. We can play anything we want to play, and anyone who wants to listen to it, can." ~ Anthony Kiedis

"When I originally decided to become a drug addict, it was a clear decision. I was very sad, and I was always happy when I was on drugs; therefore, I thought I should be on drugs all the time." ~ John Frusciante

"John is the greatest musician in the world -- the artistic center of his brain is pretty much all of his brain." ~ Michael "Flea" Balzary on John Frusciante

"The fact that people can stay sincere and have joy in their lives in the face of phoniness or economic elitism is a testament to the spirit of Los Angeles." ~ Flea

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