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Augusta National Golf Club Posters & Prints. Augusta National Golf Club was the dream of golf legend Bobby Jones. Following his retirement from competitive golf, he and Clifford Roberts got together and decided to build the course in the vacinity of Augusta, Georgia, if a suitable piece of land could be found. It was Jones' vision to incorporate the natural landscape into the course creating natural hazards rather than the overuse of bunkers. Hopefully, the land would include a natural creek that would serve also as a water hazard. The "perfect" piece of land, a 365 acre property called Fruitland Nurseries, was found. Jones reportedly said upon first seeing it, "Perfect! And to think this ground has been lying here all these years waiting for someone to come along and lay a golf course on it." Jones brought in Dr. Alister Mackenzie of Scotland to serve as the course architect. Mackenzie oversaw the construction but died before the course was completed. Construction on Augusta National began in early 1931. Though the course opened in December 1932 for a select group of members, its formal opening took place in January 1933. It has been the sight of the Masters since 1939. From 1934-1938 the tournament was called The Augusta National Invitation Tournament.

Featured on this page are the following posters & prints depicting holes on beautiful Augusta National: Augusta 12th - Jason Denaro, Augusta National Golf Club - Augusta, Georgia - James Blakeway, Augusta Challenge - Jim Harrington, Augusta - 11th Thru 12th - Bernard Willington, Byron Nelson Bridge 12 - Nancy Raborn, Golden Bell #12 - Marci Rule, Augusta 12th - Jim Harrington, 13th at Augusta - Ken Call, Raes Creek 13 - Nancy Raborn, Augusta #11 - Nancy Raborn, 12th at Augusta - Ken Call, Azalea Hole Golf Course - Jenkins, Golf Course Map - Augusta - Bernard Willington, Augusta - The 12th - Jim Harrington, Augusta 12 - Paul Kuchno, Augusta #11 - Mark King, White Dogwood #11 - Nancy Raborn, Augusta 13 - Paul Kuchno, 11th at Augusta - White Dogwood - Bernard Willington, Sixteenth - Bill Vanderdasson, Rae's Creek at #13 - Nancy Raborn, Augusta 16th - Jason Denaro, Augusta 13th - Jim Harrington, 11th at Augusta - Marv Brehm, Augusta 13 - Paul Kuchno, Augusta 12th - Jason Denaro, Augusta - The 13th - Jim Harrington.

Augusta National Golf Club Posters & Prints

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