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Standup movie posters and talking standups at Ace's Web World. Available on this page are the following life-size standup (stand up, standing) movie posters: Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean, Rocky, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart, Wizard of Oz characters (Tinman, Dorothy, Munchkins), Austin Powers, Star Wars, The Terminator, Lightning, Edna and Tracy Turnblad, Superman (Clark Kent), Disney Characters, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Gone With the Wind characters (Scarlett O'Hara, Rhett Butler), Lord of the Rings, Aurora, Frankenstein, Three Stooges, Cinderella, Lara Croft, Freddy and Jason, Ariel, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Laurel and Hardy, Freddy Krueger, Gene Autry, Belle, Hobbits, Motormouth Maybelle, Cars, Tinkerbell, Elizabeth Swann, Felicity Shagwell, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Lois Lane, Zorro and many more. Movie standups by category: Austin Powers, Starwars, Disney, Eragon, Gone With The Wind, Hairspray, Legend of Zorro, Lord of the Rings, Nightmare Before Christmas, Nightmare on Elm Street, Rocky, Superman, Terminator, Three Stooges, Tomb Raider, Wizard of Oz.

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