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Avril Lavigne Bio

Avril LavigneDuring the California swing of her fall 2004 concert tour Avril Lavigne summed up the spirit that has sparked her meteoric rise to super-stardom when she introduced "Who Knows" to an audience of wildly enthusiastic fans. "The next song," she announced, "is about doing your best to be yourself and having as much fun as you can... because you never know."
"I'm a chick with edge. I like to rock out, have fun, and cause trouble. What you see is totally what I am. I haven't let anyone mold me." ~ Avril
From the start, Avril has resisted outside influences, preferring instead to follow her own voice. A product of talent, not hype, she has been cast as rock's newest independent spirit.

Avril Lavigne grew up the second of three children in Napanee, Ontario, population 5000. Her musical ambitions were apparent by age two and by age ten she had graduated from the church choir to singing country music at local fairs, festivals and competitions. At age 13 she won a radio contest, first prize being a trip to Ottawa and the opportunity to sing a duet in concert with another Ontario native, country music superstar Shania Twain.

"I don't believe war is a way to solve problems. I think it's wrong. I don't have respect for the people that made the decisions to go on with war. I don't have that much respect for Bush. He's about war, I'm not about war - a lot of people aren't about war." ~ Avril Lavigne
At age 16, Avril caught the eye of Nettwerk Management who flew her to NYC where she came to the attention of Arista Record's CEO Antonio "L.A." Reid. Reid immediately offered her a dream-fulfilling contract and suggested she relocate to Manhattan.

Avril was unhappy with the songwriters she was asked to work with. Determined to remain true to her own inner voice, she went home for a while and then moved to L.A. There, she met Clif Magness. The two immediately established a rapport. Writing together, they began work on Lavigne's debut album "Let Go."

"Complicated," her first single released in early 2002, was an immediate hit rising to number one in Canada and the top 15 on Billboard's Adult 40 Chart. This success was followed by the release in June of her first album "Let Go." It debuted at #8 on the Billboard Charts. Two cuts, "Sk8er Boi" as well as "Complicated" went on to become top-ten hits.

"I rejected some gorgeous publicity shots because they just didn't look like me. I won't wear skanky clothes that show off my booty, my belly or boobs. I have a great body. I could be Britney. I could be better than Britney." ~ Avril
"Let Go" was followed by Avril's second hit album, "Under My Skin," in May of 2004. The songs on this album were co-written with fellow Canadian singer-songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk and co-produced by Kreviazuk's husband Raine Maida, Butch Walker of the Marvelous 3, and Don Gilmore.

"The songs on Under My Skin are definitely deeper than those on Let Go," she says, "But I still love a good pop song. I'm basically just a girl who likes to write, who likes to rock out, and who wants music to be a part of my life forever."

Avril performed at the closing ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, and at the Volvo for Life Awards ceremony, a celebration of everyday heroes, on April 12th at New York City's Rainbow Room.

Avril's much anticipated The Best Damn Thing was released in April 2007. The release coincided with promotional appearances on SNL and several talk shows, including Late Night with David Letterman. The album, co-produced by her new husband Deryck Whibley, was destined to be a chart buster. A more-upbeat change of pace, Avril describes Damn as "fast, fun, young, bratty, aggressive, confident, cocky in a playful way... all the good stuff... This is the record I've always wanted to make."

In October of 2008 it was rumored that Avril's two year marriage to Deryck Whibley was falling apart. While Avril was touring, Deryck had been seen partying non-stop and rubbin’ up on some brunette. In the fall of 2009, Avril filed for divorce.

In December of 2010 Avril and Deryck finalized their divorce — and the division of their guitars.

Court records show a judge approved terms of the breakup on Tuesday in Los Angeles. The agreement calls for each performer to keep the rights to their song catalogues, awards and guitars.

Neither side is entitled to spousal support.

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