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All Roads Lead to Rocky Mount by Daniel Barth
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All Roads Lead to Rocky Mount by Dan Barth       Page 5


"O for the simple truth of a railroad man in a caboose, on a cold night, in front of his fire, an old Conductor of the Dharma Train."
~ Kerouac, Some of the Dharma

From Tarboro Street we drove the short distance to the Rocky Mount train station. Just across the tracks was the bus station. Both of these places were important to Kerouac in his comings and goings from Rocky Mount. "Furiously he hustled into the railroad station," Kerouac writes of Dean Moriarty in On the Road. Our pace was more leisurely. We fooled around and took photos of the area.


Nate, Mary, Helen at Rocky Mount Train Station

Mike, Dan and Nate

cab waiting at the bus station

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Description: On the Road. Jack Kerouac (1922-1969) considered all of his "true-story novels," including On the Road, to be "chapters" of "one vast book," his multi-volume autobiographical Legend of Duluoz. Ann Charters, who wrote the introduction, is the editor of several Beat compilations, including The Portable Beat Reader.

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