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All Roads Lead to Rocky Mount by Daniel Barth
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All Roads Lead to Rocky Mount by Dan Barth       Page 3


Our destination was Spring Hope, Mike and Helen were expecting us, but we were so mesmerized by the idea of Rocky Mount that it was all we could do to keep from going there first. But Mike had promised us our own personal Ace Toscano Rocky Mount Kerouac Tour. So we settled down and headed for Spring Hope, with a brief stop in nearby Nashville for lunch. It became clear to us that there was no need to rush things - all roads lead to Rocky Mount.


"Here I am sitting in a shack, writing on a board table, as it rains, and as the radio plays colored music in this land where the colored are pushed back & scorned & 'kept in their place.' "
- Kerouac,
letter to Neal Cassady,
Rocky Mount, NC.,
October 2, 1948

Mid- afternoon we arrived at stately old Toscano Manor in picturesque Spring Hope where Helen is President of the Historical Society and Mike (aka Ace) writes the best column in the local paper, the Spring Hope Enterprise. That evening we took Helen's walking tour of hysterical old Spring Hope. Here are a couple of pictures of us relaxing along the way.


Mary, Nate, Dan, Helen

Mike, Nate, Dan

Helen's Place of Employment


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