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All Roads Lead to Rocky Mount by Daniel Barth
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All Roads Lead to Rocky Mount by Dan Barth       Page 2


" . . . . or Rocky Mount to tender Buddha"
~ Allen Ginsberg, Howl


We had driven Interstate 95 from D. C. to Fredricksburg, Virginia, but from there to North Carolina we drove the older roads as much as possible--Highway 2 and Highway 301. We stopped at a great little cafe in Emporia, Virginia where we had coffee and delicious sweet potato pie. People tend to forget that Virginia is part of the South, but it sho' 'nough is, a unique part where they know about peanuts and sweet potato pie.

As we drove south we talked about Mike and Helen, about Spring Hope and Rocky Mount. We knew only a little about that part of North Carolina, so we were surprised when, still in Virginia, we started seeing signs for Rocky Mount. Rocky Mount, 114 miles. Rocky Mount, 83. Onto Interstate 95 again--Rocky Mount, 57 miles. Rocky Mount, 33. There was some confusion and discussion with Nate about the difference between Rocky Mount and Rocky Mountains. No, we were not anywhere near Denver or Colorado.

Onto Highway 48--Rocky Mount, 21 miles. Rocky Mount, 14. It became our mantra. Rocky Mount, Rocky Mount, Rrr-ahh-ahh-cky Mmm-owww-nnnt.

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